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Discovery Tours

We offer great Discovery Tours to a number of countries.  These tours are typically all inclusive and provide a great way to see the projects, International real estate listings, condos, villas or developments we think are winners.  Tours typically cost $299 for 4 days but some projects charge a bit more while some charge less.


Beach in Playa Del Carmen

Real Estate Search

We will also put a short list of available properties together if you are searching for a particular type of property or in a particular market.  We have many resources in the International marketplace and can do a search for you at no cost to you.  We’ll contact brokers, identify availability, set up visits and assist in closing on your behalf.  Our team speaks Spanish and we will act as your buyers agent on your behalf.  We know what to look out for when purchasing international properties.  Don’t go it alone…

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Vacation Rentals

We’ll also help with both short and long term vacation rental in the markets we are familiar with and also assist our clients in vacation rental management options.  With years of experience in the vacation rental market, we know what to look for and what to watch out for.  Contact us today to help manage your vacation rental property or to inquire about available listings from our clients.


Avoid Costly Mistakes

International Real Estate purchases are different than buying in the United States or Canada.  Each country has it’s own set of procedures to enter into a purchase agreement, review the contract, pay for the property and close the transaction.  Financing can also present unique challenges as there is always the possibility of currency fluctuations that can effect the cost of the loan.  We are well versed in methods to minimize the risk of currency fluctuations and also know the ropes or have great resources to guide us in many countries. We’re there to help you every step of the way, don’t be penny wise and pound folish.

We’ll help you every step of the way

When buying property abroad, there are certain risks.  It is not the same as buying property in the US or Canada and some extra diligence is in order.  Steve is an expert in risk analysis and will be happy to discuss any political, social, economic or environmental risk that may or may not be apparent in any property you are considering.  Feel free to call me for my opinion on any property you might be considering whether through us or from anyone else.


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