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We look for market forces that give our clients buying advantages in the market of international properties. One good example is taking advantage of currency fluctuations. Right now the Mexican Peso is at a near record low compared to the dollar.  Brazil is in a similar situation. That makes your property buying power much greater when using dollars. We seek out areas of high demand that offer an advantage, currency opportunities, new highways adding accessibility, overlooked areas and emerging areas that are just off the radar.  When we find these opportunities, we negotiate great deals for our clients.  We seek out projects in a variety of countries that offer the prospect for good rental returns and/or good appreciation, much like seeking out the sale rack at Macy’s while using a % off coupon for an even greater discount.

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Who Is Steve Linder?

Who am I?  My name is Steve Linder and I’m from Cambridge, Massachusetts.  I’m an entrepreneur and self-employed. I also find I do well with real estate. I love to travel and have created my life around doing just that.  By the time I was 20 years old, I owned a jewelry manufacturing firm in Mexico producing jewelry for Marshalls Department Stores.  After 7 years of undergraduate and graduate business school studying International Business, I ended up in the International real estate world.  A lesson I learned early in my world of investing in real estate is that great properties are those with an active rental market allowing the property to earn money when not being used by me.  An empty property is an expense, a rented property is income and I like income.  We all hope that our properties will appreciate over time but if that property does not rent well, waiting for appreciation can be a costly ordeal.

I’ve bought and sold both domestic and international investment and vacation properties, done 1031 tax exchanges and even self-directed my IRA to be able to use the money to buy additional international properties.  Currently I own properties in Florida, Massachusetts, Costa Rica and Mexico.  Best of all I don’t have any mortgages. I’m now a keynote speaker for a number of well-known organizations about living and investing outside the US.  I’ve presented at the AARP national convention Life@50 as well as with International Living, Ideal Living, Hemisphere Publications and Boomers Abroad.  I’ve written articles, forums and blogs for many publications and I’m considered an expert in my field.  So now that you know who I am, what does that mean to you? I can help you find a retirement or vacation rental that will make money for you when you are not using it.

Steve Linder

Steve Linder

Founder & CEO

Steve is from Cambridge, Massachusetts and studied International Business as both an undergraduate and International MBA program at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.   He’s had a long career in sales, marketing and as a keynote speaker in the International Property Market.  He lives part of the year in Key West, Florida, part in Costa Rica, part on an island off Salem Massachusetts and part in the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Kristina Welburn

Kristina Welburn

Vice President

Kristina has a lot of experience in the International Real Estate world.  As the director of marketing for the largest project in Costa Rica for over 10 years, Kristina excels in helping people find the ideal property based on their unique requirements.  Kristina has a bachelor of science degree from the University of Massachusetts and currently lives in Key West, Florida.  Kristina owns multiple US and foreign properties .  Kristina sits on the board of a number of organizations and is the development director for the Lower Keys Habitat for Humanity.

Alex Linder

Alex Linder

Discovery Tour Coordinator

Alex is from Massachusetts and received a business degree from Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts and a BS in nursing from Curry College, also in Massachusetts.  Alex has a passion for travel and got involved with her dad doing real estate shows, tours and expos at an early age. Currently she helps coordinate tours to various developments located throughout the Americas.


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We offer a variety of property tours, typically 4 days and 3 nights including all lodging, most or all meals, all ground transportation and some free time to enjoy the surroundings.  These tours are property tours and not vacation time but they provide an excellent opportunity to see real estate offerings for expats and baby boomers looking for vacation rentals, retirement properties, investment properties or second homes.  Our tours are designed to show clients properties that meet their requirements, their budget and their time frame.  To learn more about our tours, email Steve@SteveLinderCollection.com and ask about the tours you are interested in and we will send more information.  We offer tours in Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic and Brazil.

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